Nomadspace presentation

So your last office didn't pick you up at the airport and take care of your laundry? We will.

nomadspace offers much more than a great place to work. We also offer a large range of professional and convenience services to support you in your business and private life.

We focus on one objective: helping you to get the most out of your business and your time!


Here are our services to help you make your business easier and more efficient!
  • r

    Office RECEPTION

    Your customers are warmly welcomed at our reception desk from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. And so are you.

  • t

    Very high-speed INTERNET

    Today, the Internet is a free and essential facility. But high speed, availability, and the ability to offer definite answers to specific needs are always a challenge. We run a routing intelligence and secure platform that enhances the experience, and offers the lowest latency for your target traffic.

  • F

    Cleaning and utilities SERVICES

    Our prices include all the office cleaning and utilities charges. We manage them; you focus on your business.

  • R

    Access and data SECURITY

    Our IT infrastructure is hosted exclusively on Swiss territory, in two separate geographic regions. Based on the latest IT infrastructure technology, our multi-tenant architecture isolates customer environments from external disturbances, while ensuring total confidentially of your data.

  • i

    Printing and scanning CENTER

    Secure and bestai??i??in-class printing and scanning equipment at very competitive prices.

  • v

    Your Company ADDRESS

    We offer various scenarios to legally incorporate your company at nomadspace. Contact us to find out whatai??i??s the best option for your company.

  • B

    Virtual OFFICE

    Your business address and local phone number without having a dedicated workspace. Whether you're expanding into new markets or just need a professional address, let our nomadspace receptionist team manage your calls and handle your mail. You may not be here but we are!

  • 3

    Administrative ASSISTANT

    Need to finalize an urgent commercial presentation? A restaurant or travel booking? Just name it.


Convenience is key ... we offer services that will make your life less hectic. Just ask our team!
  • T


    We'll do our best to facilitate your work-life balance. Ask our team for our wide range of private services.

  • X

    Car and motorbike PARKING

    Your private parking place in the buildingai??i??s underground parking lot.

  • z

    Bike PARKING

    Leave your bike for free and safely right in front of our building office.

  • L

    Changing room and SHOWERS

    Need a fresh kick after jogging or a full working night? A changing room with showers is at your disposal.

  • N

    Custom IT Support

    Our network of specialists and consultants will support you with any specific IT requests.

  • 8


    Ask our team and partners to organize your next event within our nomadspace facility.

  • G

    Small works SERVICES

    Do you have to move furniture into your office, hang up a picture or need some help connecting your IT equipment? Just call our handyman!

  • V

    Food and drinks CATERING

    Need some fresh coffee and croissant for your meeting, or a salad for a business lunch in your office? Just ask our CafAi?? team or call the reception.


As a member of nomadspace, you gain access at special conditions to a large network of companies who can help you with your next project.